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Our tai chi (taijiquan) programs are designed for the beginning practitioner of ALL ages and of ALL abilities! Our beginning program, Simplified Yang Style 24 step Taijiquan, was developed in 1955 by Li Jingwu and Li Tianji at the Martial Arts Department of the State Physical Culture And Sports Commission in Beijing, China. 24 forms were selected from the main parts of Yang Style Taijiquan, creating an easy-to-learn-and-to-practice sequence, emphasizes the health benefits of Taijiquan.

Master Li Jingwu

Tai Chi for HealthMr. Li Jingwu was a respected and famous master of Chinese Modern Martial Arts and a master of Taijiquan. He and Mr. Li Tianji, also a famous master of Taijiquan from Beijing China, were part of developing Simplified Yang Style 24 step Taijiquan: In 1959, supported by National Sports Committee, Mr. Li performed and finished the first martial arts educational movie of China – Simplified Yang Style 24 step Taijiquan and Mr. Li Tianji wrote the first instructional book: Simplified Taijiquan.

Mr. Li Jingwu always practiced taijiquan daily, in the bitter cold winter and in the hot heat of summer. When he got old, he practiced more! He was a revered teacher in China with a long lineage of teachers famous in all schools of taijiquan. Mr. Li Jingwu was an expert in the theory of taijiquan, highly proficient in t Hand Pushing techniques, wrote a book in 1960 called, Neigong (internal power) of Taijiquan, and in 1964 he published an article, “My Understanding of Taijiquan’s Reeling Energy, Spiraling Energy and Coiling Energy”. When he was in practice, Mr. Li Jingwu appeared peaceful and light as a feather, making the forms look easy outside and he contained strength inside. He was quick and steady, confident and skillful. His taijiquan movements were smooth and excellent. His skills were so perfect that his Taijiquan approached the natural state of nature and was nearly formless and unseen.

Master Feng Yijian

In 1959, Mr. Li Jingwu worked as the taijiquan teacher of Beidaihe Qigong Sanatorium of Hebei Province where Dr. Liu Guizhen had his clinic in Nei Yang Gong Qigong. He developed and administered treatment programs in qigong massage, infusing his qi into patients during treatment. His disciple, Mr. Feng Yijian studied both taijiquan and qigong massage with Mr. Li Jingwu beginning at age 16. Mr. Feng Yijian inherited from Mr. Li Jingwu in taijiquan: 19th generation Chen Style practice, 5th generation Wu Style practice, and qigong massage practice skills. Mr. Feng Yijian is now head of the Taijiquan Programs at the hospital and director of the Qigong Department, at what is now called, The National Qigong Training Base in Beidaihe.

The International Qigong Foundation, Inc. offers classes in Simplified Yang Style 24 step Taijiquan . We also offer specialized training courses to healthcare providers. All of our instructors are trained and certified with Mr. Feng Yijian at the The National Medical Qigong Training Base: Beidaihe Sanitarium, Beidaihe, Hebei China.

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