Woman’s Qigong

Woman Qigong

Woman’s Qigong

This practice is a blend of qigong movement and self-massage, called Nu Zi (Woman) Qigong. In addition to learning Woman’s Qigong, student’s practice Chinese face reading, and Mian Gong: Chinese beauty massage for the face.

Woman’s Qigong, Nŭ Zì Qigong, was developed by Dr. Liu Yafei to improve the function of the female organism. The practice of woman qigong utilizes self-massage techniques with movement. It is designed especially for the breast and abdominal regions and specifically for the female organs in the pelvis. The focus of the exercises lies in activating and regulating the “extraordinary vessels”. These include the ren mai, du mai, chong mai and dai mai.

Chinese Face Reading

Chinese facing reading dates back thousands of years. It is an ancient diagnostic practice in Chinese Medicine.  Called “The Original Face”, it describes an individual’s true nature and “Jing”, one’s inherited constitution or essence.

Face reading was used to evaluate the “Three Treasures”: Jing, Qi, Shen. Students learn the skill of observing one’s face, and practice assessing the deficiencies in Jing, one’s essence, evaluate the flow of Qi, one’s vital life energy, and assess the presence of Shen, one’s spirit. With the information obtained from the face reading, a woman qigong practice can be designed for each individual.

Chinese Beauty Massage

In addition to Woman’s Qigong practice, using the information obtained from Chinese face reading, students learn to design an Asian style facial massage “Mian Gong: Chinese beauty massage”. Chinese beauty massage for the face as well as facial cupping, stimulating the acupoints of the face, increase circulation, minimizing lines and wrinkles.

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