Qigong for Health!

Beidaihe, China

National Medical Qigong Training Base, Beidaihe, China

Qigong Therapy for Health

“Qigong” is one of the ancient treasures of Chinese medicine with a documented history of three thousand years. In China, it has served as an “effective” means of medical treatment playing an active role in preventing and treating diseases. It serves to protect and strengthen health, resist premature senility and prolong life. In ancient times, it was called, “the method to eliminate diseases and prolong life”.

Self-controlled Chinese Qigong Therapy is a method to control the body’s function through practice. Through movement and breath, specific exercises help to keep the body healthy and to assist it in overcoming the body’s diseases. Diagnosis and practice lays stress on: viewing the various parts of the human body as a whole. It emphases the inner factors, making the diagnosis and giving appropriate treatment. The diagnostician prescribes forms on the basis of an overall analysis of the illness and of the patient’s condition.

The International Qigong Foundation, Inc. offers classes in three qigong practices: Neiyanggong, Yuan Shi Xin, and Woman’s: Nu Zi. Through our therapeutic practice in Asian Bodywork Therapy, we integrate the appropriate practice, according the patient’s condition, into their treatment program.

Integrating Tai Chi Practice

Integrating both Tai Chi (taijiquan) and Qigong practices are the core foundation of health in Chinese Medicine. At the National Medical Qigong Training Base in China, the beginning practices in Taijiquan Yang Style 24 and Neiyanggong Muscle Strengthening and Qi Regulating forms are taught to beginners. They are both designed to work together to enhance the body’s movements for health, qi regulation, and muscle strengthening. The teachers are in practice daily, and treatment in the form of diagnosis, acupuncture, herbs, Tuina massage, and prescriptive forms are offered to those with health conditions. A recommended stay is a minimum of 2 weeks.

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