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Qigong CancerCancer Groups: Social Oncology

The International Qigong Foundation, Inc. implemented “social oncology” groups modeled after the cancer groups in China. Each morning, cancer patients meet early in the parks. The groups practice their qigong and taijiquan, drink tea, and socialize.

In general, the cancer patients choose to utilize Western medicine and Chinese medicine. They combine treatments of acupuncture, herbs, chemotherapy and radiation. Patients practice a special form of walking qigong that is specifically designed for treating cancerous tumors. Along with practicing walking qigong, patients learn quiescent qigong breathing techniques. The key is to stay positive and always have a sense of humor. Everyone supports each other during group practice.

There is a saying in China, “As long as you still have breath, you have to walk your path in life”. If a person is only able to practice breathing, they can find peace. In Western culture, when a patient is given a terminal health diagnosis they may give up on life. In Eastern culture, it is a belief that this is another opportunity to walk your path in life.

Master Sun

Master Sun Kui Yuan

The International Qigong Foundation, Inc offers classes to individuals and groups in Yuan Shi Xin Qigong, Beginning Qigong. It is designed by Qigong Master Sun Kui Yuan. You may also purchase the teaching DVD, Qigong for Health, on Amazon. The DVD offers a full menu featuring clear instructions for walking qigong and other forms related to that practice. Master Sun Kui Yuan is the author of the book, Chinese Qigong Therapy. This book has in depth instructions for practicing qigong for health and specific health related conditions for the heart, digestion, insomnia, and arthritis.

To watch the televised PBS program please click on the following link: Healing Quest: Qigong Cancer Treatment

Chinese masters come to Montana and Canada to teach a form of this ancient breathing practice aimed at helping heal cancer patients. We meet an American man who says Qigong helped save his life when he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor.

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