Master Wang Tianbi
Qigong Treatment

In China, one practices qigong and taijiquan to keep their health. If our body or spirit gets out of balance, practice helps to regulate our system and bring it back into balance. If we are unable to keep our body in balance through mindful practices, then one might seek out massage, acupuncture and herbs.

The International Qigong Foundation Inc. offers programs in Chinese Qigong Therapy (Nei Yang Gong Qigong and Yuan Shi Xin Qigong), Tai Chi for Health (Beginner’s Tai Chi, Yang Style 24), Woman’s Qigong (designed by Dr. Liu Yafei), Asian Bodywork Therapy which include qigong massage and acupuncture, and Qigong Cancer Treatment. All of the practitioners who teach both qigong and taijiquan practice as well as give treatment, are fully trained and certified.

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The International Qigong Foundation, Inc