Master Feng Yijian Qigong Massage

Chinese Qigong Massage

As part of our program, we offer qigong massage with a blend of some of the most effective healing modalities from around the world. Qigong massage and qigong practice incorporate many health keeping techniques for conditions such as arthritis, aging skin, weight management, as well as chronic illnesses. Our program is designed specifically for each individual.

All of our treatments include an in-depth Health Assessment based in Chinese Medicine. Chinese therapeutic treatments help to unblock stagnated “qi”. This helps to create a healthy circulatory system which can assist in pain management and benefit the whole body. Along with massage specific qigong forms can be learned to enhance your healing!

Chinese Beauty Massage

We also also offer an Asian Style Facial using Chinese face reading. Individual Chinese beauty massage is designed  for the face, as well as facial cupping, stimulating the acupoints of the face, increasing circulation, minimizing lines and wrinkles. It is a wonderful addition to the qigong massage.

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