Jing, Qi, Shen Essence, Qi, Spirit

Jing, Qi, Shen
Essence, Qi, Spirit

The Journey

Our story begins early one morning, many years ago in Beijing China, when I went out to practice my qigong in Purple Bamboo Park. As I walked down the dirt path through the bamboo to the lake, I could hear melodious Chinese music in the distance. Looking out across the water I saw an pavilion filled with couples doing ballroom dancing! Everyone moved harmoniously as if they were “floating” across the lake in a dream. My first thought was, Dancing Dreamers………………..

Throughout the years when I travel to China, I still visit Purple Bamboo Park early in the morning and each time I find something new. Although the park has changed with the modernization of Beijing, the people are still dancing, practicing tai chi, qigong, sipping tea, and sharing with one another,  beginning their day with a “healthy practice!”

The Foundation

The International Qigong Foundation for Social Oncology, Inc. was created and incorporated in 2001. The International Qigong Foundation’s mission is to provide quality educational programs in tai chi and qigong. It is based on the philosophy that learning a “healthy practice” in qigong and tai chi makes a “healthy body” and “happy mind”! We offer programs for all ages and abilities as well as specific programs for healthcare practitioners to share with their patients.

In China, it is believed that one should take full responsibility for one’s health. As one ages, it is important to keep active and happy. A  “healthy body, happy mind” is the key to longevity. When one retires, they keep active and happy. The focus is on the moment and not on the future, keeping present, sharing good thoughts, and laughing together.

 Founder and Program Facilitator

Karen Nesbitt, MA, is the co-founder and director of The International Qigong Foundation for Social Oncology, Inc. Ms. Nesbitt has traveled to China and led group tours since 1994. She has studied Chinese Medicine at Peking University, and qigong and taijiquan at the Medical Qigong Training Base in Beidaihe. Ms. Nesbitt has been a student of Dr. Liu Yafei in Nei Yang Gong Qigong since 1999, a student in Yuan Shi Xin Qigong (Medical Qigong) with Dr. Sun Xingyuan since 1994, and a student of Master Feng Yijian in Taijiquan with since 1999. Ms. Nesbitt recently became a student of Li Laoshur in Beijing, China specializing in traditional Yang Style 88 tai chi .

Ms. Nesbitt has taught credit courses in both qigong and taijiquan for the University of Hawaii at Hilo in the Social Science Department and non-credit courses for the Oshler Lifelong Learning Program. In 2001, Ms. Nesbitt co-produced a film with Lightbridge Productions, Healing Quest, for PBS America called “Qigong Cancer Treatment”. As a followup to that special, she developed a teaching film, “Qigong for Health” in medical qigong.

Currently, Karen Nesbitt is certified in Asian Bodywork Therapy with Acupuncture with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), a licensed Massage Therapist in Montana, a licensed Special Education teacher, and licensed School Psychologist in the state of Montana. She is a consultant with schools and special education programs. Ms. Nesbitt continues to instruct qigong and taijiquan students privately and in classes around the world as well as facilitate study tours to China.

The International Qigong Foundation, Inc