Hawaii Qi!

Classes in Tai Chi and Qigong in Hawaii

Hawaii QiCome and join us for classes in tai chi and qigong in Hawaii! After many years of teaching in Hawaii, I will always have a special place in my heart for the “Hawaii Qi”. The ocean, the people, and the environment that makes it an unique place on earth. Our retreats have been held throughout the islands, always integrating a bit of swimming with the dolphins an whale watching. We star gazing at the Mauna Kea visitor’s center, and see hula and slack key at its finest!

The islands are a classroom of the world, integrating many cultures, each one making its own imprint in the world. Along with other healthcare practitioners, we offer qigong, tai chi, and Asian bodywork therapy. We travel throughout the island to a few favorite places like Place of Refuge in Honaunau, Wood Valley Temple, and Hale Kai on the beach!

Our next workshop in Hawaii will be in the winter of 2022!

Please check back for our workshop information and itinerary.

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